Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sicked Bee

My Bumble Bee are having fever recently, high temp, but not everheating yet.
So today I open up the radiator and check, then only I found that I forgot to put
in this, Water Wetter from Redline. After poured in, I drove around to heat it up. 
And the fever is gone. But the meter gauge need a fix cause the needle keep fluntuate
between high and the actual temperature, scares me sometimes,  mood swing...I think

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bak Kut Teh

This is a "Black shop" or "Oh Tiam" in 
Hokkien. Specifically the Bak Kut Teh stall.
The aunty greet with a smile and look kind at
first. I ordered a 2 persons bowl, so after a while
she sent, and as usual I would pay first, but
she was so "kind" and said:"Eat first, pay later"
I thought, ok loh. The soup is ok, but the meat
is too lean. Well I'm not too picky about that 
either. And the aunty keep asking want to 
add rice? Luckily I didn't.
After the meal, I walked to the stall and ask
for the price to pay. To my shock, RM 18 !
Well if it's in Klang or KL it's ok, but this 
is just a road side food stalls with nothing famous
about. Then i asked her why so expensive, it is 
then her true personality showed, waving for
money from me and said : "The rice already 
cost RM 6,   what would you expect?" WTH?!
The 2 small bowls of rice cost that much. 
Just to warn you it's located along Jalan Pasir 
Putih near the junction to Pasir Pinji. Go try
if you want to.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roanne playing piano

She is 3 + and able to play this I'm quite happy, 
as I didn't teach her much, she found most of
the notes, while some needs my guidance.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lewis vs Kimi

So much fun watching this.

The news
The controversy between these 2 men isn't really important.
As long as it is fun to watch for the audiences , entertaining
and exciting, this is what we want for auto racing, aren't we?
Wake up FIA, why bias on the red car? You are jeopardizing
the sports.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas Comes Early?

Speechless. Ben told me, this is all yours. I was like
a birthday boy, even then I haven't receive such
a lot of presents in my whole life. But then he jokingly
says: I''ll take back when I and Howard got sick with U.
This is what I've got. Bunch of Arospeed products which is
so nice to even hold it in your hand, the quality is 1st class,
but with affordable price. Why get 2nd hand Japs products
when you can have brand new one?

This is not all yet, plus full line of Red Line products,
engine oil, gear oil, differential oil, water coolant and fuel
system cleaner.
Many thanks to Ben Autoria and Howard Red Line for
being so supportive.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Featured in Zerotohundred

TK called me up and inform me that
we're being featured in ZTH.
I'm honored for being on the first page, special
thanks to sponsors for making my car attractive.

TK in action

My turn

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drifting Competition

This is the 3rd day of the Full Throttle Autoshow.
For 1st and 2nd day please refer to Tougeking's blog.
And the video of the semifinal, which is I versus Au.

This is my best start, as my car is using crappy
expired tires at the back, and the sand and stone
from the disintegrating track has made my pickup
speed worse. And my 4AGE is also not as punchy as
my competitor, I can't keep up with him, which cost
me the finals. Anyway, a 5th place is better than none.
More over, this is just a show for the Ipoh peoples.
We shall have more event to promote drifting
and safe motorsports.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preparing for Drift Battle

Booboo car is backed! After waiting anxiously for
many days. At last it's back and look almost perfect.
Although it doesn't comes out with the color which I
want, but after looking under the sun, I think it's quite
catchy for olskool car using for drifting.
As the Fulll throttle auto show event will be starting on Friday,
which means I've got only today to prepare the car
livery. So early in the morning off to Autoria Toyota,
and Han is there installing the pair of brand new adjustable
campulley from Aerospeed.

Han working on it.

My show girl is there too ;)

TK, my teammate's Franken 70

Courtesy of TK, this is the the event schedule for those
who wants to come to support.

Day 1, Friday, 22nd Aug, 2008:
9 am - 10:30 am Drift Test Track

12.30 pm - 2 pm Drift Battle
2.30 pm - 3:30 pm Taxi Ride

4 pm - 5:30 pm Drift Battle

Day 2, Saturday, 23rd Aug, 2008:
10 am - 10:30 am Drift Test Track
12:30 pm - 2 pm Drift Battle
2:30 pm - 3 pm Taxi Ride
3:30 pm - 5 pm Drift Battle

6:30 pm - 7 pm Showcase Drift by Guest

Day 3, Sunday, 24th Aug, 2008:
12:30 pm - 2pm Drift Battle
2:30pm - 3:30 pm Taxi Ride
4 pm - 5:30 pm Drift Battle

Enter by ticket RM 15 per day or RM 30
for 3 days.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BooBoo car restoration

BooBoo car is on its way for bodywork restoration. It had
been quite some time wearing those scars after some
off track moments. It's time to give it some new shines.
New color coming soon...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Saturday night got a call from TK that we've got an invitation
from a producer to make a video footage for a company.
Early in the morning TK and I went to Autoria, to do some
promoting stickers work hopefully to get a sponsor.

TK's car on the left and mine, doing preparing job for stickers.

Isn't this a nice car? An 2001 Toyota MRS, convertible and
engine at the rear. A great car for touge but not really suitable
for drifting. Anyway, it's almost 30 yrs younger than my
Booboo car(My daughter called it : )

Filming time, producers and drivers discussing the move.
It's raining non stopping for the whole afternoon, it's good,
more gentle on my Potenza G3, which I don't want to drift
with it, but lazy to get a change.

Action !

Producer almost got thrown out of my car. Thanks to TK's
gf, S for taking this pictures, which I'm so afraid crashing
on her. Haha...

Toyota's grandfather and the great2 grand children. But still
fit as a fiddle.

Thanks to Sol and TK for inviting, Ben for the stickers and
Calvin, Bernard, Francis, Matthew for making this happening.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Engine oil debris

This is what I found when I change my engine oil.

I'm using a magnetic oil pan nut, which you
can see is very effective in attracting metal
debris from going back to the engine again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun at the track

After a hectic week, at last I was able to take a rest on my mind and workout my body. Thanks to Goh aka tougeking, for organising such a great event.
It was tiring but a lot of fun, since I've not been drifting for a long time, the feel is still exist, but my arm just couldn't match, because my car although it is small, but actually it has very heavy steering and clutch. And the short wheelbase and rear leaf spring will also cause the car to be very snappy which require very sensitive butt and fast steering work. May be I should retire this car...

Lining up for the mini race.

I knew I wouldn't able to overtake all the cars in such a narrow track. Indeed, it is hard if you want to keep on track, so to overtake u need to go on the grass, which i didn't. And for the whole race i was blocked.
The aftermath, my "quite new" crystal headlamp was cracked, hit by the stone swirled up by the car in front, I follow too close may be.

As for the drifting competition, I've got 2nd runner up. Pure luck, as I can't engage to my 2nd gear from 3rd, that's why I can't drift in the last part of the corner. Need to service my gearbox and with some Redline gear oil should be even better. Hopefully can do better next time.
Here's the video in one of my run, sorry of the blur video.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Musical team

My musical team is moving into our 2nd year. We had received numerous compliments from several organizations. While I'm still not happy with our performance, we need to improve a lot more to be world class. But most of our member are not professional, therefore I'm facing some difficulties on skill level unevenness. Everyone also having their own job and we're lacking time to practice as well. Well, this is one of our latest achievements.