Thursday, December 20, 2007

Performance in KL

Someone from Hainan association invites me to play in their orchestra.

The concert features a famous Chinese orchestra composer from Beijing China, Professor Yang Chun Lin. All the programmes were composed by him which are beautifully arranged. Most of the work are also transcribed from famous Chinese folk song, but were rearrange and re-harmonize which creates a more in depth feeling of the folk song.
I arrived on Friday which is the last day of their rehearsal, which mean I have to rely on my quick sight and senses to play all the songs from the score, quite nervous sometimes as, he, the composer cum conductor is very strict with his music. He has high demand on us to express his feeling of the works he wrote. That night we rehearsed until 11:30pm!
Nonetheless, the concerts proved to be a successful one. Audience clapping non stop with standing ovation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday celebration trip to Cameron Highland

My daughter's 3rd birthday was due, so we made a trip to Cameron highland with my stock Proton Iswara. I'm planning for a smooth drive up as my family is on-board. With speed of just 70-80km/h, I still find many others crawling and making unnecessary braking, causing me even more stress than driving fast. Then I decided to overtake and up my speed to 90km/h average, in no time, we were in the vegetables farm...

This is a self plucking farm, the vege is freshly cut by yourself , but I found that the price is not cheap either.

Then we reached Kg. Raja which is the end of the new road. Coming is the tight and twisty road, with high elevation S corners which I love to drive on.

Look what I met on the next day. A beautiful H2 Hummer. Couldn't resist to take a photo with it.