Monday, May 26, 2008

Engine oil debris

This is what I found when I change my engine oil.

I'm using a magnetic oil pan nut, which you
can see is very effective in attracting metal
debris from going back to the engine again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun at the track

After a hectic week, at last I was able to take a rest on my mind and workout my body. Thanks to Goh aka tougeking, for organising such a great event.
It was tiring but a lot of fun, since I've not been drifting for a long time, the feel is still exist, but my arm just couldn't match, because my car although it is small, but actually it has very heavy steering and clutch. And the short wheelbase and rear leaf spring will also cause the car to be very snappy which require very sensitive butt and fast steering work. May be I should retire this car...

Lining up for the mini race.

I knew I wouldn't able to overtake all the cars in such a narrow track. Indeed, it is hard if you want to keep on track, so to overtake u need to go on the grass, which i didn't. And for the whole race i was blocked.
The aftermath, my "quite new" crystal headlamp was cracked, hit by the stone swirled up by the car in front, I follow too close may be.

As for the drifting competition, I've got 2nd runner up. Pure luck, as I can't engage to my 2nd gear from 3rd, that's why I can't drift in the last part of the corner. Need to service my gearbox and with some Redline gear oil should be even better. Hopefully can do better next time.
Here's the video in one of my run, sorry of the blur video.