Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It isn’t hard these days for Christians to get caught up in the avalanche of confusion, hopelessness and doubt that is consuming our world. We like to think we are immune from this, but the sad truth is we are just as capable of falling victim to these counterfeits as a non-believer. God calls us to resist. He provides all that we need to be the light in the darkness surrounding us. Yet there is a tug of war going on in our hearts as the needs of our humanness take precedence over the needs of our spiritual nature. If you find yourself in this place today, do not fear. Turn your eyes to the sufficiency of your God and start pounding on His door for restoration and revival. We must also keep praising Him - even when our knees are bruised and broken from praying. Somehow we must take a stand – first in our hearts, minds and bodies – that we are children of God - and as such we are to reject hopelessness, confusion, rejection, confusion and despair. We need to see beyond the circumstances of our lives and instead look to the glory of our God. We need to see things as He sees them – and we must stop giving darkness, in any form, authority over our lives. I acknowledge it is not easy – war never is – and we are in a war! But, victory is a payer on your lips and a shout of praise from your heart. It attracts the attention of God Himself and causes Him to move. If you stay locked in hopelessness, etc. you are simply prolonging your time in the desert – and therefore will not be able to step into the true potential God has prepared for you. War in prayer against anything set against you – get in the company of other believers who will hold you up and also hold you accountable. This is not the time to be faint of heart! Step into the fullness of Christ by resting in His ability to provide for you!

by Carolyn Baker

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What is Life?

What is life about? Wealth? Fame? Status? Material? Enjoying your life whatever you are interested in at the moment? Or you could say family first... But, all these shall becoming past sooner or later. Our heart, deep inside, is still hungry, don't we?