Monday, June 30, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Saturday night got a call from TK that we've got an invitation
from a producer to make a video footage for a company.
Early in the morning TK and I went to Autoria, to do some
promoting stickers work hopefully to get a sponsor.

TK's car on the left and mine, doing preparing job for stickers.

Isn't this a nice car? An 2001 Toyota MRS, convertible and
engine at the rear. A great car for touge but not really suitable
for drifting. Anyway, it's almost 30 yrs younger than my
Booboo car(My daughter called it : )

Filming time, producers and drivers discussing the move.
It's raining non stopping for the whole afternoon, it's good,
more gentle on my Potenza G3, which I don't want to drift
with it, but lazy to get a change.

Action !

Producer almost got thrown out of my car. Thanks to TK's
gf, S for taking this pictures, which I'm so afraid crashing
on her. Haha...

Toyota's grandfather and the great2 grand children. But still
fit as a fiddle.

Thanks to Sol and TK for inviting, Ben for the stickers and
Calvin, Bernard, Francis, Matthew for making this happening.